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About Us

With 10 years of experience, we have gone through a lot of challenges, where our commitment and service quality have been improved. In the beginning, we develop civilian structural designs and a few technical field inspections. During that time, Chile faced up a big earthquake, 8.8mw, causing material and personal losses for some Chileans. By that time some of our designs had been built-up, and it turned out that our designs were all unscathed. This accomplishment leverages us to develop high standards mining structures.

Having designed for end clients such as Codelco, MEL, Escondida, Mantos Blancos, La Negra, SQM Salar among many others, then we have been given the opportunity to do some designs for international mining such as Peru, USA, Australia and Japan, mainly for structures. support for mining process equipment and machinery.

At the beginning of the second semester of 2015, we started a newly developing field, designing towers for the telecommunication industry. Starting from scratch, now have developed several types of towers and structures like self-supported towers, contra-vented towers, tower reinforcement, camouflages, publicity pallets, monopoles, and solutions for buildings and houses.

We can say that we have adaptive capacity to the market and to improve our service. Durning all times, we have been supported by our passion, high values, and standards. Passion for structural design, passion for developing the safest structure possible without rising the costs. Balancing serviceability with strength. This is the distinctive seal that is with us since the beginning. The seal that separates us from our competence. Always taking care of the details.

Now we want to expand our horizons by developing structures for new countries and industries with same passion and even more quality given by our experience.


We want to grow at a sustainable rhythm that positioning as high trustworthy company for structural designs all over the world based on our high values and reliability.


Design the safest possible structure under the highest design standard balancing strength, serviceability, and construction costs. This requires a high level of communication and cooperation with our clients to satisfy the root of the need.


Responsibility, dedication, trust, passion, work, professionalism, credibility, transparency, and great results.

Our Compromise

Design the best competent structure that satisfies the load's requirements and also balances serviceability with strength.

Oscar Pino

Founder & Senior Structural Designer