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With unscathed structures after the magnitude 8.8 seism of Feb 27, 2010, in Chile, we started designs for the mining industry. 10 Years now with unharmed steel structures on strong wind and seismic demand activity, we have acquired a varied and robust capacity to solve design problems with the highest national and international standards...

About us

10 Years of Experience

  • High Values

    Everything starts with values. Our core policy is that everything we do serve with the highest values and highest standards to provide for us and to our clients, rest assured & overall tranquility with the end design.

  • Ability

    Structures that fit. We do our best to fit our client's real needs, either, optimizing end costs, maintain as possible a design idea or shape, construction times, specific required strength, or code design. But always serve its original desired purpose.

  • International Experience

    Proudly served safe designs for Chile, Peru, USA, Australia & Japan.

Our Services


Wide experience on earthquake structural design criteria for mining industry.

Environmental Forces Design

Snow, wind, material loads and forces are incorporated into the design as needed.


Wind load forces by specific international codes & TIA.

Structural Steel Design

We focus on steel structures.

Design Document

Every design criteria and design specification are explained and detailed in one document.

Design Blueprints

All instructions needed to manufacture the structure. (Not detailing).

our solutions


Steel Buildings

Machinery support, pipe racks, office & commercial buildings.


Support Structures

Support structures for machinery and equipment in general. Also, platforms and access structures.


Shed Structures

Shed, storehouse, store load platforms, shelter structures & roofs.



Silo, hopper, chute, and also its support structure design.


Anchor & Foundations

Base plates, anchor bolts, and connections. Shallow and slab foundations.



Self-supported, Contra-vented, radome and monopoles towers. Camouflage, publicity, off buildings antenna supports.

In quality assurance, a constant effort is made to enhance our practices.

  • High Values
  • Ability
  • Quality
  • Delivery on time
  • Long Term Relationships
  • 10 Years of experience

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